Future of Antitrust: Tech Platforms and Online Retail in a New Age of Competition Law | Washington, D.C., October 21, 2022

This conference will bring together academics, policymakers, and practitioners to discuss the many efforts underway, both domestically and internationally, to regulate large technology platforms.

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Future of Antitrust: The Past, Present, and Future of FTC Rulemaking | Washington, D.C., February 24, 2023

This conference will gather policymakers, practitioners, and academics for discussions on proposed changes to Federal Trade Commission rulemaking and what they might mean for antitrust enforcement.

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5th Annual Winter Deals Conference | Park City, Utah, March 9-10, 2023

This invitation-only event gathers leading corporate law scholars from around the world to Park City for presentations of new research on the most pressing issues in the modern economy.

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Future of Antitrust: Cross-Border M&A in a New Regulatory Paradigm | Brussels, Belgium, April 28, 2023

This conference will gather economists, law professors, policymakers, and practitioners for discussions on what is (and should be) changing in merger review, and how the M&A market is responding.

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Webinars and Other Events

Future of Antitrust: Debriefing the American Innovation and Choice Online Act | Webinar, June 28, 2022, 12 noon (EDT)

In this webinar, panelists from academia and industry will explore the terms of the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S.2992), a bill that would significantly change U.S. antitrust and competition law and policy.

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Future of Antitrust: Understanding FTC Rulemaking | Webinar, September 27, 2022, 10 a.m. (EST)

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has long been one of the most powerful federal agencies, but historically it has rarely used rulemaking. That appears to be changing, however, which has prompted many questions and a great deal of controversy. This webinar will help you understand FTC rulemaking, including what rulemaking authority the agency has, what process the agency must use to do rulemaking, and what policies the FTC may pursue through rulemaking.

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